"Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge
without action is futile" - Abu Bakr

A Ph.D. biomedical scientist here to help you live and heal naturally.

Have Your Health Analyzed By Dr. Karen Vieira

How Can A Medical Scientist Help You?

You have probably already spent hundreds of dollars on doctors' visits. Unfortunately most medical doctors don't have the time to sit with you for an hour or more explaining your conditions in detail and providing insights on what you can do yourself to improve them. Sad but true.

You need to know exactly what is going on in your body, and more importantly, what you can do in order to improve your health. You may not want to read a book on it...you want more...an individual analysis. You want a Ph.D. biomedical scientist like Dr. Karen Vieira to take a look at your results, spend some time reading the current medical literature that relates to your health condition(s) and provide you some insights. Then you can go back to your doctor with ideas of what you would like to do and get his/her approval and advice on moving forward with a plan to improve your health.

How It Works

A 5-step comprehensive scientific review of your health condition(s) works like this:

  1. You fill out a questionnaire (and/or submit your most recent blood test results) and it will be reviewed and analyzed (we will talk via phone or Skype if necessary)
  2. A detailed report will be created within 7 business days that -
    a) explains in easy-to-understand language what is going on in your body
    b) details any known effective steps you can take via diet, supplements, exercise or lifestyle changes
    c) proposes other medical diagnostic or treatment steps you may want to discuss with your doctor
  3. You review the report and reply with any questions or comments, which will be answered
  4. You discuss with your doctor and make a plan for next steps, including implementing any changes
  5. You submit any further questions or comments that arise within 2 months of your review for additional answers (you have unlimited email access to me during this time)

Get Started Today

Don't stay sick and stuck, unaware of what is going on with you and what you can do about it. Sign up now for your health analysis by clicking below to pay $147 via PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account - you can pay via a credit card with no account).

Is This Right For You?

This is right for the kind of person who is:

  1. Motivated to make changes once given suggestions
  2. Willing to try new things with an open mind
  3. Prefer natural methods over prescription medication, when suitable



    Dr. Vieira provides this scientific health analysis service for informational purposes only. She is a medical scientist (PhD) and not a medical doctor (MD). A health analysis is not medical advice and should not be used to replace a consultation with your medical doctor.